Thryv Organics was created with a clear vision of helping people overcome what they weren't able to with traditional medicine.
We are dedicated to the quality of our products and our customer's well-being.
With Thryv, you won't find any fancy, difficult to understand jargon. That's not us.
We believe our customers are earned rather than bought. We are obsessively passionate about it, and our mission to help people Thryv.​


Based in Dallas, Texas, Thryv Organics is a woman-owned hemp boutique offering the best hemp oil supplements available. Stacie Czech and Kristi Kelley, Thryv Organics' founders, created our company with a clear vision to deliver premium hemp products with service to match.

All of our hemp oil products are sourced right there in the United States. This ensures your safety and the efficacy of or products. All of the hemp extract for all of our products is rigorously tested for pesticides, heavy metals, solvents, and fertilizers that could be harmful to our clients. Our hemp oils are legal in all 50 U.S. States.

We stand behind our promise. Each and every product is non-GMO and third party tested to ensure the content of what you are consuming is also the purity. All of our lab reports are listed in each product description under the 'Lab Reports' tab.

Our company has been built around developing the best hemp oil tinctures available. We believe in our products and have designed them to deliver the full potential hemp extract has to offer.


What sets Thryv Organics apart and makes us an industry leader of hemp extract products is that all of our products, from our oil drops to our topicals, edible gummies, and capsules, are sourced from the actual hemp plant. Much of the hemp oil for sale today is extracted from Asian hemp seed, which offers minimal amounts of beneficial hemp compounds.

All of our products are extracted using the whole hemp plant and are designed to have high amounts of cannabinoids and, for our broad spectrum hemp, virtually non-existent amounts of psychoactive compounds. Our full spectrum hemp capsules and full spectrum oils do contain THC, but fall under the restricted guidelines of having a level less than .03%.

Each of our hemp oils, capsules, edibles, and topicals provide positive effects of hemp oil, without the psychoactive effects associated.

Each and every Thryv Organics product is organically farmed, refined, processed, and distributed to follow federal guidelines and restrictions that allow us to sell and ship products to all 50 states in the U.S.


Care and Concern | We help people and those they care for. Our commitment to our customers goes beyond providing the best hemp oil available. We believe in our products and care about our customers. How our products work for them is our priority. If you aren't satisfied with your Thryv Organics product, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. Visit us in our store in Dallas, Texas or call or email us anytime with questions regarding our products or hemp in general.

Education and Passion | We educate our customers about our hemp products to remove any layer of apprehension from their buying decision. Regardless of if your purchase hemp extract from Thryv Organics, we what you to be educated on the products you are using. While we aren't healthcare workers and can not provide medical advice, but we are passionate about hemp oil and our products. It is important to us to educate our customers about our products, best extraction and production practices, and hemp oil in general. If you have questions about any hemp product you are using, please contact us.

Rigorous Third-Party Testing | Third-party lab reports are available under the product description of each of our hemp products online and in our hemp boutique in East Dallas. We put each and every Thryv Organics product through rigorous third-party testing to verify the purity and content of what's in each bottle of our products.

Transparency | Our team is like you. We are health conscious parents, wives, caretakers, and pet owners. We understand the need for a natural alternative to over-prescribed traditional medications. We believe natural shouldn't be an alternative. Our transparency can be seen in our level of knowledge of hemp oil, our passion for our product, the education of our customers, and our rigorous third-party testing practices on each and every one of our hemp products online in our Dallas hemp oil store.