Meet Stacie Czech
Co-founder, Thryv Organics

In 2001, my mother became ill. I brought her into my home to take care of her. It took several months for her doctors to figure out what was wrong with her. Finally, a diagnosis.

Multiple Sclerosis.

Our long journey began.

I researched alternative methods for 15 years to find an alternate to the pain medications, spasm blockers, and muscle relaxers she was taking. Five drugs, all interacting, with no relief from pain and only knocking her out. She was unable to hold her head up and have a conversation she was so medicated.

She didn’t care. I did.

Almost at my wit’s end, hemp extract was introduced to me. At that point, I was willing to try anything. We began with the salve and a few drops of hemp oil drops. She began to have relief! 

Today, her Mom’s pain is under control and she is off ALL of her pain medications!

Multiple Sclerosis changed our lives. Hemp extract will never take away this debilitating disease, but it does make her pain more manageable with a natural plant-based product, and my job as a caregiver less stressful.

With the success we found with Mom, I could not let the opportunity pass to help others find relief from minor ailments to more serious painful diseases.

The idea began to open our own hemp extract infused product store that carries the highest quality, high-end wellness products.

Thryv Organics was born.

Thryv Organics is the beacon of hemp extract knowledge and products. With us you will not find gimmicky products or improperly sourced ingredients. We guide our clients through the process of making informed and educated decisions about the products they are buying.

It is my passion to share my story of success with our products and I look forward to working with you, those you know, and even your pets, to help them find relief from the minor to the more serious symptoms like we have found success for my mom. ​